What supplements are essential to gain muscle?

Muscle development

To take muscle it is necessary to combine various essential elements.

First of all, you have to stress/work the muscle, that’s what you do during your weight training.

It is then essential to feed the muscle with macronutrients and adapted micronutrients, that’s what you do with your diet. To take muscle it is necessary to hydrate it, that’s what you do by drinking a significant amount of water.

Finally, it is necessary to oxygenate the muscle is what you do (attention suspense …) while breathing. These are the key principles of muscle development.

The supplements then intervene in support, in order to take advantage of different aspects. The main ones are the diet of macro and micronutrients, but also hydration.


What dietary supplements to gain muscle?

Protein powder:

We will not detail the differences between each type of protein powder but their overall goal in muscle development. As many knows, proteins (as macronutrients) are the basis of muscle reconstruction, so they help erase muscle.

Consuming protein powder after training is interesting because it will provide a rapid intake of protein and amino acids after your training. It will, therefore, provide rapid support for muscle reconstruction, but will also trigger a surge of insulin and put a brake on muscle catabolism, which will then allow you to gain muscle.


BCAAs are represented by three components: leucine, valine, and isoleucine. Simply put, BCAAs support protein synthesis and decrease degradation. Two crucial actions for the well-being of muscle mass: BCAAs are ideal for gaining muscle.

A question that everyone will ask: why BCAA if I already take whey?

Whey can indeed allow a BCAA intake, except that this contribution will be manifested only after digestion of this protein powder. The benefit of BCAA supplementation as such is the immediate amino acid intake to help you gain muscle. No digestion is necessary, it is very useful since the BCAA are to consume during and immediately after your session.



She is responsible for many mechanisms that are as indispensable as each other for gaining muscle. Its major advantage is its action on ATP synthesis. ATP is responsible for muscle contraction. Schematically: more ATP, more contraction, more intensity during training and therefore more muscle gains.

Gains that are also manifested by the phenomenon of intracellular water retention caused by creatine. It plays an important role in the mechanism of hydration, essential to gain muscle.


During intense training, the loss of minerals and other electrolytes is very important especially during sweating. In order to gain muscle effectively, it is important to maintain a good balance of electrolytes in your system. This is why it is advisable to eat green vegetables in large quantities and in a variety of ways.

However, to ensure this balance and to avoid any deficiency of electrolytes, it is possible to supplement electrolytes. Myprotein also offers various useful supplements!

Message to remember

To summarize, the essential supplements to take muscle are protein powder, BCAAs, creatine, and electrolytes. Each of these supplements allows the support of the diet and hydration of the muscle, a vital mechanism for muscle growth.